Our Story

the love behind the signs

Little Box Signs began with a mother-daughter duo who have a passion for home decor, beautiful things, and making people smile. In a very short time, it has grown and evolved into a family business, owned and operated in Sedalia, Missouri. Willingly, they dragged their husbands along, and little did they know, it would create something so special.

“My mom and I have always worked so well together. We have different styles, but we pull ideas out of each other and *typically* come up with something beautiful (we’ve definitely had some duds.). I’ve always said that if I have an idea, I just tell my mom. She gets it. And she nails it every. single. time. And plus, having your mom as your bestie is pretty cool. too.” — Jess

“Waking up everyday getting to do something that I love with a daughter who I love is one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever been given. Jess is so creative and talented. She puts her whole heart in this business and the items she makes. This journey that Little Box has taken us on is one of the biggest blessings we’ve ever received and I hope it never ends.” — Mary