Kiss Me

Kiss Me



Kiss Me engagement/wedding, natural barn wood with white bow.
Kiss Me sign in green with St. Patricks day bow.
Kiss Me sign with valentine bow.
Kiss Me sign with jingle bell and mistletoe.

Display this kiss me sign under an archway to get a kiss from someone special.

No two pieces are ever the same, wood grain, chippy paint and notches will vary from sign to sign. Each is unique. Our signs are NEVER STENCILED FOR MASS PRODUCTION. We hand paint every sign according to the selected wood. We use quality paint products and mediums so our signs will last for years to come.

In order to keep our costs and chemical usage down, we do not top coat this sign with a sealant. This sign is intended to be used indoors and will age naturally. You can always give it a coat polyurethane if you so desire.

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**We want to make sure your sign arrives to you as soon as possible. Please make sure your shipping information is correct and updated before checking out.

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